You can read this FAQ for help on how to use psake.

You can also use the PowerShell command-let get-help on the Invoke-psake function to get more detailed help.

# First import the psake.psm1 file

Import-Module .\psake.psm1

Get-Help Invoke-psake -full

To list functions available in the psake module:

C:\Software\psake> Get-Command -module psake

CommandType     Name                                                          Definition
-----------     ----                                                          ----------
Function        Assert                                                        ...
Function        Exec                                                          ...
Function        FormatTaskName                                                ...
Function        Include                                                       ...
Function        Invoke-psake                                                  ...
Function        Properties                                                    ...
Function        Task                                                          ...
Function        TaskSetup                                                     ...
Function        TaskTearDown                                                  ...

To Get example usage for individual functions in the psake PowerShell module, use Get-Help, For example:

C:\Software\psake> Get-Help Assert -examples


    Helper function for "Design by Contract" assertion checking.

    -------------------------- EXAMPLE 1 --------------------------

    C:\PS>Assert $false "This always throws an exception"

    This example always throws an exception

    -------------------------- EXAMPLE 2 --------------------------

    C:\PS>Assert ( ($i % 2) -eq 0 ) "%i is not an even number"

    This example may throw an exception if $i is not an even number